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Smart manufacturing made simple

Togy is an analytics platform for production companies.
We connect, detect, and optimize yield & quality through predictive maintenance and visual analytics.


Let Your Data Take Your Production to Higher Grounds

On average, machines standstill 43% of the time. Our technology helps you produce up to 500 000 more details per year.

Connect & Monitor In Real-Time

Through a combination of visual machine learning and, edge & cloud surveillance, we monitor quality in production lines 24/7.

Optimize Production Through Vision & A.I

We leverage advanced analytics to find production inefficiencies that help you increase yield and quality.

Easy & Accessible Information

Built by industry experts, our system helps you understand complex information on mobile and web.  

Proprietary Service Network

With more than 50 years of experience, we partner with the largest maintenance providers in Sweden.


Unprecedented Velocity. Impeccable Results.

Pay As You Go.

Our optimization platform connects production lines through a combination of sensors and cameras to produce information for maintenance and production management systems.

By increasing productivity by 10% and reducing stop time by 10 minutes, we can help clients increase production by up to 500.000 units per year and machine. 

Through our subscription service, it's both easy and quick to set up. 


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